A code of practice for medical tourism

At Treatment Abroad, we have introduced the first medical tourism code of practice for healthcare providers. The "Code of Practice for Medical Tourism" aims to encourage best practice in medical tourism through a commitment by healthcare providers overseas to a voluntary code of practice.

The standards of business practice and customer service in the medical tourism indutry are variable. But having said that ...they are probably much higher than many critics of the industry suggest. (In our recent survey of 650 medical tourists, 97 per cent of patients said they would be willing to travel abroad for treatment again).

The Code is an opportunity for agencies and healthcare providers to reassure patients considering overseas treatment that they are adopting best practice.

If the medical tourism industry continues to grow, it needs to adopt some common standards and best practices. Hence the Code of Practice for Medical Tourism. Healthcare providers and agencies who sign up to the Code will be identified as adopting a “best practice for medical tourism” and will be recognised on http://www.treatmentabroad.com/.

In addition providers who are approved will be able to display the Treatment Abroad accreditation mark on their website and patients will be able to access accreditation details online.
In order to receive accreditation, organisations are asked to demonstrate best practice in a number of areas covering provision of information, the patient experience and contractual terms, conditions and guarantees. The application will be reviewed by an independent consultant.
We believe that this is a positive step for the industry and offers a chance for providers to demonstrate their commitment to best practice in dealing with patients from overseas.

Further information about the Code of Practice for Medical Tourism is available at:www.treatmentabroad.com/medical-tourism/code-of-practice