How To Choose Weight and Fat Loss Programs That Have Sustainable Results

In our world of constant bombardment of the next best diet and weight loss gurus, books, and who knows what else, it's hard to make the right decisions for healthy weight loss. All we know is we want it fast and we want it NOW! I could only eat meat, with no carbs. Maybe I can eat raw for a while...yuck, boring. I will just have water and this leaf, the weight will definitely come off fast. We all want to look better, but how can we feel better if our body is always hungry the entire time on a program. If you are constantly craving something that you can't have (within reason: I'm not talking cookies and pizza every day) as with most healthy diets, then how can you feel good about what you are trying to accomplish? How will you handle this once the program is over? Did you really learn anything or are you relying on the latest potion, pill or deprivation plan to get you through when you gain some weight back.

My thoughts about weight loss programs follow one simple rule. If you are constantly hungry and full of's probably not working for you. A good program should not leave you wanting more. Eat this well balanced dietary program, eat multiple (6-8) times per day, know your calorie limits and follow the instructions. Simple to follow, eat this...not that, so to speak instructions. It really is that simple.

There are viable, healthy programs available that should be considered a permanent way of eating. We all have heard the comment that we don't need to go on a diet, we need to change our lifestyle and eating habits. So when you review how you would like to lose weight, you need to ask yourself, ' Can I eat this way the rest of my life?'. If the answer is no, then this program is not for you. Truth be known, many people do not want to consume the proper amount of fruits and vegetables per day while choosing correct portions the amount of protein and carbohydrates they ingest per day. That's why eating meat all day is appealing. Ask yourself again, can I eat this way the rest of my life. The answer is NO, not while being healthy, too. I guess if you don't want to spend as much time as the rest of us here on this planet, have at it.

I tell patients all the time that we were meant to run around naked and hunt for food. Two things are accomplished with this plan. One, we are getting plenty of exercise and two there is diet variety. When patients complain of being sore or in pain they will tell me, 'I don't know why I hurt, I didn't do anything.' and I will say, EXACTLY! The point here is this: you need to move and eat healthy to help your body be free of pain and disease. This is our goal. No one wants to feel bad. Just remember, motion is life. If you don't use it, you lose it.

So Doc, what should I do?

I have researched and found many diet plans available. In an earlier article I wrote about mastering your nutrition and discussed how your plate should look with each meal. There are no tricks for healthy eating. Half your plate is fruit and vegetable, a quarter is protein (4-6 ounces), and a quarter is carbohydrate (1 cup). It really is that simple. With my training, this seems easy, but most people want guidance and an instruction manual. I admit, I have trained in the gym for over 20 years, and am very educated in these areas, but I still enjoy having a personal trainer with me some of the time. So let's find what you need, something for a life time.

When losing weight we understand that we want to lose fat and hang on to as much muscle as we can. In fact, the more muscle you have, the faster you burn fat. Muscle is the oven that melts fat and keeps your metabolism revved up each and every day. The information is available everywhere. So many people teach healthy eating, but actually have great tips to allow you to speed up your weight loss and meet your goals faster. It does mean you need to move. I know there are thousands of choices available for workout and diet programs, and most of them are probably pretty solid, just be sure to look for the healthy choices. If a program requires you to diet in a drastic, unhealthy way, then avoid these programs. Remember balance.

Find a program that is about real foods, not pre-packaged ready to eat items. Learn what foods should be eaten together for the best results. You can find out what is right for your body type and thrive with your fitness goals. Find variety in your workouts. A program that is structured, but flexible. You can discover the best exercises combinations to yield the greatest result. Tap your hidden energy, burn that fat, and feel young again. All with no pills, potions, or gimmicks. I have read so much about this information and have referenced it regularly to my patients. Finding you motivation makes this easy. This is what I do and why people come to me for advice. Don't make this harder than it needs to be. What's right is right, for everyone. You just can't lose with good material.